Ph. Nuno Calisto
I’m wearing: MANGO jumper, ZARA denim shirt, ASOS jeans, TOPSHOP boots, PARFOIS hat, BERSHKA parka, H&M socks.

Although we’re almost in November, this late Summer seems to be having a hard time saying goodbye… Not that I mind, yet, I don’t feel like putting on sandals anymore, especially since that’s what I’ve been wearing for the past 10 months. I miss layering, boots, knits, furs and all those things we can play with during fall. Sartorially speaking, Summer is indeed the most uninteresting of seasons…

No, I don’t miss the cold, spine-wrenching days one is only happy by a fireplace, but I love the road that gets us there.

Yeah, I think that’s my motto in life: It’s not about the ending, the destination, the final – it’s about the journey and how we get there: there’s where all the fun is. :)

[ This post is part of the Weekend Sessions - Part 1 / Part 2 ]


The new ZARA’s lookbook stroke me like a lightning bolt. It is just everything (ok, not everything but most) I love and crave when I open the doors of my closet and need to get dressed in the morning. The colors, materials, shapes, they all line up to the current Normcore trend that I am so fond of. I like the androgyny, the simplicity, the ease. The more time passes the more I realize I have less and less patience to dress for other people – the few times I did so I regret it – especially for men. What’s the point, anyway? Like Betsey Jonhson once said “Girls don’t dress for boys. They dress for themselves, and of course each other. If girls dressed for boys, they’d just walk around naked at all times”.

The problem in dressing for other people is that we loose focus on ourselves, I think. Of course in dressing for ourselves I don’t mean every woman should dress like a tomboy – not at all – nor disappear into the crowd by only making safe choices and actively strive for not being noticed. Not even close. After all, not a lot of women are born or built tomboys and probably never will be (and that’s alright). I, on the other hand, am, always been a little. And that’s why this aesthetics pleases me so. I like the gender bender attempt. I don’t like to be the princess, I’d rather man up and take charge of things (which doesn’t always work). However, I can – and like – to be feminine too, at times: with my sequins, furs, full skirts, chiffons, but never pushing it too far. To be honest, I find the basic sexy look most girls pull off boring, predictable and diminishing for themselves and women in general. Unfortunately, ‘femininity’ in its pure popular form (high heels, figure hugging silhouettes, short lengths, cleavages, etc) is still quite uncomfortable for any woman (don’t try to convince me otherwise) and even trapping, if you ask me. I find it sad that in order to look good in the eyes of men (and compete with other women), women feel the need to look like ‘this’ or ‘that’ so they can be perceived as hot.

I once dated a guy who used to say the amount of a certain ‘product’ in a room determines its value. This could sound quite nicely (and at the time it did because I wrongly felt it as a compliment), wasn’t the mindset already wrong from the very beginning: women are no product and shouldn’t allow themselves to be seen as such. Never. And I pledge myself guilty cause I’ve been sometimes that short minded. I can’t however, anymore. For me and for every other women. Because we’re more than that.

Anyway, I could be here all day long, and put in some #HeForShe and #SheForShe stuff, but I don’t feel like it, cause I’ve been a feminist from a very early age, even without realizing it, fighting my father as soon as I had the courage to do so. This whole subject is not only very old news for me but it also bugs me to even be a subject, as far as we’ve come. I’ve always defended that if women were given the same chances, opportunities, conditions and, above all, support from one another, we would rule the world (or at least make it a much better place). So feel free to dress as you want, talk as you want, think as you want, do what you want, as long as you do it for yourself and for yourself only.

One of the many things I love to do in life is to meet new people. And I don’t mean like goin’ out and meet guys who usually end up having zero meaning in my life. I’m kinda done with that. And I also don’t mean my friends are not enough because they are – I’m lucky enough to have very good friends. But talking to new people – both men and women of any age – is always an experience that thrills me, because every single individual is a door to an whole new world of his/her own and some of those people turn out to be pretty cool and teach us a great deal about the world and even ourselves. :) And this can happen in any random situation.

For instance, meet Isabel, my colleague at the Image Consulting course I’m taking. We’re all girls, and everyone so different from one another but it’s quite an eclectic group. Isabel is a 30-something working mom with 2 kids. She’s not only fun and loving, with an amazing spirit and a contagious smile, she also happens to be one the most stylish people I’ve met lately. So, when last monday she showed up to class looking like this (I absolutely looove the look), I couldn’t resist taking her picture (even if at night, under poor illumination and really quickly). She’s working on a personal Lifestyle project that’ll be released soon. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s launched. ;)

// Isabel is wearing a Vintage Bottle Green Leather Skirt (lovely, btw), ZARA “Kiss Me Like You Miss Me” t-shirt, MANGO (+ some DIY) Denim Jacket and Bag, CONVERSE All Star Sneakers.

Thanks dear! :D
Have a nice week, you all. :)

Ph. Nuno Calisto // Vintage Linen Skirt, ZARA Cashmere Jumper, LEFTIES Loafers

I love it when I find things around my house that happen to match the current trends. Case in point, this patterned skirt very en vogue currently. It used to be my mum’s, but well, not anymore!… I’m not exactly a slave to trends (not even close), but if I find something lost and abandoned in any given closet, why not give it a spin? ;) Plus, the lines match my new super-soft-cashmere jumper (at last!) perfectly. :)

[ This is the second delivery of the Weekend Sessions ]

Ph. Nuno Calisto // MASSIMO DUTTI Top, ZARA leather look trousers, NIKE (gifted) trainers

It’s been a long time since I took any outfit pictures… I should buy a remote for my camera but I haven’t yet. And truth be told I don’t like to bug my friends all the time to take my pictures. I probably should, though… Aren’t friends for when you need them? :P Kiddin’! ;)

Anyway, isn’t it so wonderful when said friends happen to have vision to help you? I can assure you it is! Like Nuno (thanks again, dear! :D ), who’s not only a wonderful person but also has the talent and the patience to come up with these (and a few more to come). I am really happy we finally got together to start what I am going to call from now on ‘The Weekend Sessions’! (mostly just because it sounds good…) And yes, I am very excited about the future.

Things to keep in mind for said future:
1) Watch a lot more episodes of America’s Next Top Model and perhaps try some poses in the mirror – I find this absolutely pretentious and somewhat ridiculous, but it would be nice to look a little better in the pictures, wouldn’t it? Which always reminds me of Tyra Banks saying “look for the light” and “work it, girl!”… Well, you know, 3rd World problems!
2) Look for cool places for background – These were took in my own personal magic forest (or at least that’s how I like to see it :) ): Bussaco, the postcard I have through my window (at my parents’) and never get tired of.
3) Smile more and open your eyes!! – Yes, Tatiana, you might be tired and all, but at least fake it, girl! Sorry…

Hope you liked these. :) More to come soon.
Meanwhile, there’s already a little preview on Nuno’s Flickr page of the next posts, in case you’re curious. ;)

Have a wonderful week!
And thanks for reading. :)


Ph. via Pinterest and ASOS // 1. ASOS Grey Marl Braid Felt Fedora Hat, 28,57€   2. CHRISTY’S Safari Wool Felt Hat, 64,29€   3. RIVER ISLAND Oversize Felt Fedora Hat, 40€   4. CATARZI Classic Fedora Hat (via ASOS), 50€   5. ASOS Felt Fedora Hat w/ Wide Brand, 28,57€   6. CATARZI Classic Fedora Hat (via ASOS), 42,86€

There’s an instant flair given by a hat to the most plain outfit. Yet, most people don’t wear hats anymore and that’s a shame. Besides its practical purpose – did you know that most of our body heat escapes through our extremities, namely our head? – it is an accent that gives extra points in attitude to its user.

There are plenty of types of hats (live and learn! ;) ), but my personal favorite, as seen above, is the fedora – the wide brim fedora. And while I can’t treat myself with a Borsalino or perhaps go shop at Maison Michel, these will have to do. I have a black one from H&M and a burgundy one from PARFOIS, but I wouldn’t mind adding a few more to the list. After all, I am not a big fan of umbrellas, and I’ll have to protect my platinum locks from the rain anyway. Isn’t Fall the perfect season to have fun with Fashion and dress up? I think it is.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend! :D

I love CHANEL’s short films. They sell dreams so well, I find myself fantasizing with said stories like I could be part of them (I have mixed feelings about growing up with fairy tales, though).

They usually always manage to include someone I really like: like in here with Audrey Tautou on a very sexy train trip to Istambul, or this one directed by Martin Scorsese starring the adorable Gaspard Ulliel, let alone Keira and her perfect hair riding a motorcycle through Paris… I mean, come on!

Yeah, anyway… My absolute favorite are the ones directed by Baz Luhrmann (big fan here, Baz! Keep doin’ your thing, you rock! ;) ) – like this eternal one, in the spirit of my beloved Moulin Rouge, and now, the latest [ you've probably already seen, especially if we're friends on Facebook (Hi! :D ) but I had to share it here on the blog too ] – ‘The One That I Want’ – where Gisele a.k.a “The Godess” works her magic so perfectly:

How can’t I fantasize, even if just a little bit??
They’re good. They’re really good.


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