Ph. Nuno Calisto // Vintage Linen Skirt, ZARA Cashmere Jumper, LEFTIES Loafers

I love it when I find things around my house that happen to match the current trends. Case in point, this patterned skirt very en vogue currently. It used to be my mum’s, but well, not anymore!… I’m not exactly a slave to trends (not even close), but if I find something lost and abandoned in any given closet, why not give it a spin? ;) Plus, the lines match my new super-soft-cashmere jumper (at last!) perfectly. :)

[ This is the second delivery of the Weekend Sessions ]

Ph. Nuno Calisto // MASSIMO DUTTI Top, ZARA leather look trousers, NIKE (gifted) trainers

It’s been a long time since I took any outfit pictures… I should buy a remote for my camera but I haven’t yet. And truth be told I don’t like to bug my friends all the time to take my pictures. I probably should, though… Aren’t friends for when you need them? :P Kiddin’! ;)

Anyway, isn’t it so wonderful when said friends happen to have vision to help you? I can assure you it is! Like Nuno (thanks again, dear! :D ), who’s not only a wonderful person but also has the talent and the patience to come up with these (and a few more to come). I am really happy we finally got together to start what I am going to call from now on ‘The Weekend Sessions’! (mostly just because it sounds good…) And yes, I am very excited about the future.

Things to keep in mind for said future:
1) Watch a lot more episodes of America’s Next Top Model and perhaps try some poses in the mirror – I find this absolutely pretentious and somewhat ridiculous, but it would be nice to look a little better in the pictures, wouldn’t it? Which always reminds me of Tyra Banks saying “look for the light” and “work it, girl!”… Well, you know, 3rd World problems!
2) Look for cool places for background – These were took in my own personal magic forest (or at least that’s how I like to see it :) ): Bussaco, the postcard I have through my window (at my parents’) and never get tired of.
3) Smile more and open your eyes!! – Yes, Tatiana, you might be tired and all, but at least fake it, girl! Sorry…

Hope you liked these. :) More to come soon.
Meanwhile, there’s already a little preview on Nuno’s Flickr page of the next posts, in case you’re curious. ;)

Have a wonderful week!
And thanks for reading. :)


Ph. via Pinterest and ASOS // 1. ASOS Grey Marl Braid Felt Fedora Hat, 28,57€   2. CHRISTY’S Safari Wool Felt Hat, 64,29€   3. RIVER ISLAND Oversize Felt Fedora Hat, 40€   4. CATARZI Classic Fedora Hat (via ASOS), 50€   5. ASOS Felt Fedora Hat w/ Wide Brand, 28,57€   6. CATARZI Classic Fedora Hat (via ASOS), 42,86€

There’s an instant flair given by a hat to the most plain outfit. Yet, most people don’t wear hats anymore and that’s a shame. Besides its practical purpose – did you know that most of our body heat escapes through our extremities, namely our head? – it is an accent that gives extra points in attitude to its user.

There are plenty of types of hats (live and learn! ;) ), but my personal favorite, as seen above, is the fedora – the wide brim fedora. And while I can’t treat myself with a Borsalino or perhaps go shop at Maison Michel, these will have to do. I have a black one from H&M and a burgundy one from PARFOIS, but I wouldn’t mind adding a few more to the list. After all, I am not a big fan of umbrellas, and I’ll have to protect my platinum locks from the rain anyway. Isn’t Fall the perfect season to have fun with Fashion and dress up? I think it is.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend! :D

I love CHANEL’s short films. They sell dreams so well, I find myself fantasizing with said stories like I could be part of them (I have mixed feelings about growing up with fairy tales, though).

They usually always manage to include someone I really like: like in here with Audrey Tautou on a very sexy train trip to Istambul, or this one directed by Martin Scorsese starring the adorable Gaspard Ulliel, let alone Keira and her perfect hair riding a motorcycle through Paris… I mean, come on!

Yeah, anyway… My absolute favorite are the ones directed by Baz Luhrmann (big fan here, Baz! Keep doin’ your thing, you rock! ;) ) – like this eternal one, in the spirit of my beloved Moulin Rouge, and now, the latest [ you've probably already seen, especially if we're friends on Facebook (Hi! :D ) but I had to share it here on the blog too ] – ‘The One That I Want’ – where Gisele a.k.a “The Godess” works her magic so perfectly:

How can’t I fantasize, even if just a little bit??
They’re good. They’re really good.

When I was a kid the one color I hated the most (besides lilac, I still hate lilac) was gray. I thought it was boring, uninteresting, sad, depressing even – not that I knew or cared one bit about what depression was or meant… It was way cooler to play football with the boys, hang from the trees and then come home and stitch some fabric together into something I’d call ‘dresses for my Barbies’…

Anyway, back then, gray was not an option. My favorite colors were blue, green, red and, later, orange. I didn’t fancy yellow because my dad said it made me look sick (and my sister was completely obsessed with it); and oddly enough, pink never really found its way to my heart.

Nowadays, gray stands as one of my favorite colors (along with white, black and green) and I like it in pretty much everything (except as a concept for uncertainty): most of my bedroom is gray (sheets and walls and all), the wallpaper for my office (waiting for me to have time to put it up) is gray, most of my jumpers are gray, my favorite Converse (after the white) I’ve had since high school are gray, one of my favorite colors for nail polish is gray, my favorite metal is silver, etc.

As a matter of fact, Gray stands for quite different meanings in Color Psychology (and apparently every source on Google says a different thing and unfortunately I don’t have my book here to confirm). I like to focus on the positive side – the timelessness, the strength and intellect, the class, the “calm, understated confidence” (read more here).

Style wise, gray combination always come across with a soft sophistication, a certain casual but elegant ease. Or perhaps that’s just me…I love it. So, here’s some inspiration in case you’re also a fan or at least interested. ;)


All images via Pinterest (like usual…)

A couple of weeks ago I started an Image Consulting course. It was something I wanted to do for awhile and it came right when I needed a shift in the course of my life. Needless to say I am loving it and can easily picture myself doing so for a living for long years to come (along with other things because one thing is never enough for me).

In one of the first classes, we talked about the History of Fashion in the 20th century (one of my favorite subjects of all time…) and Dora – our lovely trainer – showed us this really awesome short film I now want to share with you.

A lot of people find Fashion a futile subject. I always get a little angry with this perspective. How come Fashion as an hobby is worse than Football, for instance?? Tell me. Because at least Fashion translates our times, Fashion works as a mean of expression, even if unconsciously. Our sartorial choices say something about us, about our time, about our lives. People dress in a certain way for a reason, style is a part of us, and it’s a language – a non-verbal language but it speaks way before we do. Like Coco Chanel says Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening“, because like any other design specialty, Fashion Design also follows function and that ends up being intertwined with the different eras and changes our society and culture go through throughout the years.

We’ll get back to this later, because I want people to understand why Fashion isn’t just about expensive bags and shoes and clothes we’ll never wear. For now, you can watch the clip and tell me if it isn’t just so cool! ;)

A couple of months ago, a work colleague of mine did my astrological chart for me (if you’re curious, you can check yours here). It was plenty of information and the overall feel I got was that I’m a quite complicated person (tell me something I don’t know…) because I get mostly influenced by strong signs such as Taurus, Scorpio, Aries, Sagittarius, Leo and Gemini – signs that don’t really relate, quite the contrary… (Aha!) and I work kind of like a phoenix – I grow through rebirth. I wasn’t entirely aware of this up until recently, until I felt so burned out that my only choices were to lie in my ashes or rise above them. Turns out, I am far too young and too stubborn to give up. I am also not the self pity or self destructing type. I refuse to be. I may be a bit dramatic at times, I make mistakes, I cry and bang my head against the wall, but I believe in learning from experience, in getting better with age, in knowing better the next time. Only we know our struggles, only we can grow past them – “and we’re only as strong as our next move“.

Image Source ]

With this line, we arrive to what I wanted to talk to you about today – Begin Again, the movie in which Keira Knightley steals my heart once again (watch the trailer here). Not only she is beautiful, she’s so damn talented I really wish she was my friend. I’ve had a minor crush on her for God knows how long… Now, turns out, I love her voice too, we have the pleasure to hear all throughout the movie, thanks to Greta’s (her character) shitty boyfriend who lets his ego grow over his affection for this amazing woman and cheats on her. Alongside we have a flawless Mark Ruffalo as the wrecked music executive [ I love the scene where's he's listening to new demos in his (awesome) car and they are all so terrible he just throws them out the window... ] burned by his family troubles, looking for something to save him from a self destructing rut. That’s when he finds her, and through each other they find themselves to begin again: a new life, a new chance, a new chapter.

It’s a beautiful movie, filled with lovely music, inspiring and creative moments, and an enormous sense of hope and joy. I highly recommend it.

PS.: The other day, I found a picture on Pinterest that said “I am thankful for the difficult people in my life. They have shown me exactly who I don’t want to be”. And the fact is, once we learn to let go, it’s just that simple. That’s the bottom line.


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