The IT-Bag Issue

I’ve always been more of bags girl than a shoe girl, perhaps because I can’t wear the ones I find awesome, so there’s no point on lusting over them. But when it comes to bags, it’s way different…
It’s actually like an investment, because a good quality bag goes with pretty much everything and will last a long long time.

While I don’t have what it takes to have some of the ones bellow, I do dream…
Here’s a combo of my favorites. Hope you like it. :)

Really, any one of these would make me really really happy. And for those of you who like to see them in action, here’s  where (from left to right, top to bottom):

1. Chiara in Miu Miu;
2. Alix in Mulberry;
3. Alexandra in Givenchy (it’s not exactly the one in the picture, but it’s the same model);
4. Chiara in Proenza Schouler (different color);
5. Betty in Furla;
6. Alexandra in Alexander Wang;
7. Alix in Chanel (different color);
8. Betty in Louis Vuitton.

Hope you all had an Happy Easter and have a nice week! :)

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