Hello there!
I’m Tatiana and I’m a 27 years old Graphic Designer from Portugal, now living in Luanda, Angola.

Welcome to POPCORNSTONE, my little online playground, where I share a little bit of everything in this road called life. :)
POPCORNSTONE was created back in January 2011, when I realized I loved Fashion but didn’t really had anyone to talk about it with. Since then it evolved into something a little bit more personal, and it works pretty much as a diary: of my passions, little adventures, looks, inspirations, cravings and random ramblings.

The name doesn’t really have to do with anything. It was basically my love for movies (popcorn) mashed up with my need to write stuff that goes on in my head (stone – like words set in stone, you see?). It’s a bit confusing, probably, but it made sense for me then, and I liked the sound of it.

As for myself, I am big pile of dreams, always up for a good laugh. :)
I love
 Fashion, Movies & TV Series, Interior Design, Books & Magazines, Photography, Traveling and Psychology. I also love people and to be around the good ones that help us enjoy the little things life has to offer and make the world feel a much better place.

Hope you enjoy the blog and please let me know what you think in the comments, or feel free to drop me an email.
It’s always good to get some feedback! :)

THANK YOU for stopping by! See you soon. :)
xoxo, Tatiana.


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