Yesterday, as I was cruising SOLESTRUCK – the online almost equivalent of a treasure hunt (most models there are what I call the beasts of the beauties) – I came across something that simultaneously filled me with joy and guilt: the collaboration between the super awesome Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller and SUPERGA, the Italian version of the Vespa in footwear.

Why the guilt? Because where the hell was I when the collection was launched back in July?? Shame on you, girl! Why the joy? Because I’ve been meaning to buy a pair for awhile. However I was way too inclined to the white ones, which is just silly because I already have 3 pairs of white trainers. Turns out the powder pink satin ones Leandra came up with are just the ultimate perfection, balancing graciously femininity and coolness. The bright side of old news like these? They are now on sale! YAY! :D

Ph. SUPERGA x The Man Repeller

The video is also very nice, very ‘Leandra’, with the quirky her outfits (attention – I ADORE her style!) and funny expressions.  :) They come in army green, light blue, yellow (looove) and black. Oh and printed. Read more about the collaboration in here and feel free to watch the video bellow. :)

I’ve heard about Polyvore a long time ago. I figured it would be one more place where my time would get lost again and again as soon as I subscribed. I’ve even been invited by ModCloth (a vintage inspired online store – super cute!) to enter some contest through the site, but I got so swamped with work at the time I couldn’t make it. So, I’ve postponed that relationship up until very recently. Up until it suddenly became – who knew?! – a work tool! :D How funny (and convenient) is that , ah? ;)

This set was a proposal for an exercise at the Image Consulting course I’m taking where we’d have to incorporate some ‘no-way’ options to an assigned colleague (for starters, before we get to the ‘real’ people). Raquel is a cute and ambitious 24 years old girl. She’s a fan of things more romantic and girly. However, she doesn’t like black & white combinations, or red & black for that matter, so I decided to address both issues at the same time and came up with this:


//  VINCE Shirt, ACNE Skirt, MAJE Coat, SAINT LAURENT Clutch, CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Shoes, TORY BURCH Rings, ELIZABETH AND JAMES Bracelet, MARC by MARC JACOBS Earrings, YVES SAINT LAURENT Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick  (All links available via Polyvore)

The whole outfit intends to be (and is) very feminine, with the silk blouse, girly full skirt (that I love) and T-strap (gorgeous) pumps – why burgundy? Because it is a rich but discreet off-shade of red (and because things are much more interesting when they’re not too matchy-matchy). The hearts add the romantic yet fun touch, as the minimalistic golden jewelry stands for sophistication along with the timeless and fabulous red lipstick. The final touch comes with the grey coat – this one my personal touch (and reproved by Raquel, though I still stand by my choice!) – in a more androgynous silhouette, to wear over the shoulders, and tune down the lady wow-ness, yet tune up the general coolness and that unexpected flair I adore. Hope you liked it. :)

Feel free to check all my set here.
Enjoy your sunday night and have yourself a very nice week! :)


Ph. via Pinterest and ASOS // 1. ASOS Grey Marl Braid Felt Fedora Hat, 28,57€   2. CHRISTY’S Safari Wool Felt Hat, 64,29€   3. RIVER ISLAND Oversize Felt Fedora Hat, 40€   4. CATARZI Classic Fedora Hat (via ASOS), 50€   5. ASOS Felt Fedora Hat w/ Wide Brand, 28,57€   6. CATARZI Classic Fedora Hat (via ASOS), 42,86€

There’s an instant flair given by a hat to the most plain outfit. Yet, most people don’t wear hats anymore and that’s a shame. Besides its practical purpose – did you know that most of our body heat escapes through our extremities, namely our head? – it is an accent that gives extra points in attitude to its user.

There are plenty of types of hats (live and learn! ;) ), but my personal favorite, as seen above, is the fedora – the wide brim fedora. And while I can’t treat myself with a Borsalino or perhaps go shop at Maison Michel, these will have to do. I have a black one from H&M and a burgundy one from PARFOIS, but I wouldn’t mind adding a few more to the list. After all, I am not a big fan of umbrellas, and I’ll have to protect my platinum locks from the rain anyway. Isn’t Fall the perfect season to have fun with Fashion and dress up? I think it is.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend! :D


ISABEL MARANT Amelia leather and suede sandals, 570€ (via Net-A-Porter)

Although I am still faithful to the idea of the previous post (worthy cravings, because my money is too valuable to be spent unwisely), like I said, sometimes I come across one crush or another. When those crushes – hence the tittle of the post – (that happen to be quite reasonable because these are just perfect for me – good, comfortable, dressy & casual at the same time…) get a little (LOT) out of my budget I ache inside. It’s a pity. Though I don’t thing I’d be able to spend more than 500€ in a pair of shoes at this moment in my life. Yet, I believe in the power of dreams and stubbornness so I’m sure these babies will someday find their way to my feet. Oh yes they will! :) ;)

What about you? Any ‘minor’ unhealthy cravings these days? Tell me all about it! :D


1. ZARA Shoes, 49,95€    2. DOGEARED 3 Pack Gold-Plated Karma Rings, 77,14€   3. OYSHO Lace Body, 25,99€    4. ASOS Sleveless White Shirt, 28,57€    5. ALDO Leopard Slip On Trainers, 85,72€    6. COS Cashmere Scarf, 69€    7. MANGO Chelsea Boots, 79,99€    8. ZARA Hooded Cape, 79,95€

The older I get the less likely I am to get influenced by trends. I know what I like, I know what works for me and I’ve come to a point in my life where my money is too valuable to be spent recklessly. So I only invest in things I need or at least know I will wear until they fall apart (ok, every now and then I come across a crush and I get off the rails). I prefer classics with better materials (that figure in my ‘eternal’ wishlist) – like the leather boots, the white shirt (never too many…), the blucher shoes, the cashmere scarf, the gold plated rings; and things a little less ‘classic’ – like the trainers and cape – but with a bit of an edge and fun factor. And the sexy thing, of course (because one has to feel good from the inside) – the lace body, I can easily picture with a nice pair of boyfriend jeans, a blazer and trainers for a casual & comfortable feel or a pair of stilettos for a cool femme fatale vibe. ;) Easy.

Have a nice week! :)

Ph. Lykke Li x & Other Stories 

We all know by now I have a huge crush on Lykke Li… so, let’s skip that part and focus on the collaboration thing here (moment for childish bumping up and down and hysteric “yay’s”). The news broke back in March (I was probably living on the Moon because up until two days ago I was completely unaware of this) and now, the first pictures and film (bellow) were released.

“be the man you want to marry”

I am super excited. I love her style, in and off-stage, not only because she’s highly charismatic, but also due to her strong masculine aesthetics, yet still somehow feminine – a delicate balance I’m always intrigued about and fascinated for (more on androgyny here). I like the good materials, the black, the leather, the clean lines and timeless pieces. I am aware I won’t probably be lucky enough to reach any of them, but who cares? It’s great to know they’re out there anyway. :)

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Angola changed me in many ways, I believe. Or perhaps it didn’t. Perhaps it just exposed things about myself that were there all along. Besides matters of work, heart, friendships, family, basic needs and the value all those things have in my life, one of the best things to happen was the enhancing of that Less is More motto I was trying to adopt for awhile. I realized I don’t really need that much to live, after all, especially stuff, as half of the things I brought along with me remain untouched  - clothes isn’t the case because well, things wear out, break, rip – also I lost weight – and eight months in a single suitcase isn’t that much indeed, so, as you can imagine, I can’t wait to give my now very few options a fresh breath. Yet, I intend to do this mostly with what I already have and left at home. I did a little shopping once MANGO dropped their prices up to 70% in order to resolve my shortcomings. Now, my new things will be waiting me at home so I don’t have to waste my very few days running the malls, distracting myself with things I don’t care about.

And then, when I caught myself thinking about what else do I want and need, I realized by cravings for this trip to ‘civilization’ are very few and I’m proud of it. Turns out, I don’t need 30 different bracelets, belts, necklaces or rings, because I always wear the same stuff. It is useless to waste money on new, more ‘fierce’ or whatever clothes I’ll hardly ever wear when I already know exactly what makes me feel comfortable and confident on a daily basis. Don’t even get me started on shoes… My style is much more clean and yes, I’m proud of that evolution. To be fair, by witnessing how little most people have in here, it almost feels obscene to think any other way. So, thank you, Angola, for showing me how little I need, and that my hard earned dollars should definitely be spent on much better and memorable things than a piece of fabric or another fancy pair of shoes. After all, I can’t be busting my ass for nothing.

So what do I want to buy? A nice pair of classic folding shades, a straw hat (after all here is mostly sunny all year long), delicate everyday silver jewelry and white button downs. And that’s it. Add to that a new bottle of my favorite foundation, concealer and BB Cream and my shopping is done. Uff! :D


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