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We all know by now I have a huge crush on Lykke Li… so, let’s skip that part and focus on the collaboration thing here (moment for childish bumping up and down and hysteric “yay’s”). The news broke back in March (I was probably living on the Moon because up until two days ago I was completely unaware of this) and now, the first pictures and film (bellow) were released.

“be the man you want to marry”

I am supper excited. I love her style, in and off-stage, not only because she’s highly charismatic, but also due to her strong masculine aesthetics, yet still somehow feminine – a delicate balance I’m always intrigued about and fascinated for (more on androgyny here). I like the good materials, the black, the leather, the clean lines and timeless pieces. I am aware I won’t probably be lucky enough to reach any of them, but who cares? It’s great to know they’re out there anyway. :)



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Angola changed me in many ways, I believe. Or perhaps it didn’t. Perhaps it just exposed things about myself that were there all along. Besides matters of work, heart, friendships, family, basic needs and the value all those things have in my life, one of the best things to happen was the enhancing of that Less is More motto I was trying to adopt for awhile. I realized I don’t really need that much to live, after all, especially stuff, as half of the things I brought along with me remain untouched  – clothes isn’t the case because well, things wear out, break, rip – also I lost weight – and eight months in a single suitcase isn’t that much indeed, so, as you can imagine, I can’t wait to give my now very few options a fresh breath. Yet, I intend to do this mostly with what I already have and left at home. I did a little shopping once MANGO dropped their prices up to 70% in order to resolve my shortcomings. Now, my new things will be waiting me at home so I don’t have to waste my very few days running the malls, distracting myself with things I don’t care about.

And then, when I caught myself thinking about what else do I want and need, I realized by cravings for this trip to ‘civilization’ are very few and I’m proud of it. Turns out, I don’t need 30 different bracelets, belts, necklaces or rings, because I always wear the same stuff. It is useless to waste money on new, more ‘fierce’ or whatever clothes I’ll hardly ever wear when I already know exactly what makes me feel comfortable and confident on a daily basis. Don’t even get me started on shoes… My style is much more clean and yes, I’m proud of that evolution. To be fair, by witnessing how little most people have in here, it almost feels obscene to think any other way. So, thank you, Angola, for showing me how little I need, and that my hard earned dollars should definitely be spent on much better and memorable things than a piece of fabric or another fancy pair of shoes. After all, I can’t be busting my ass for nothing.

So what do I want to buy? A nice pair of classic folding shades, a straw hat (after all here is mostly sunny all year long), delicate everyday silver jewelry and white button downs. And that’s it. Add to that a new bottle of my favorite foundation, concealer and BB Cream and my shopping is done. Uff! :D


Remember when I rambled a bit about my new found signature fragrance? Well, if you don’t – fair enough – it’s Coco Noir from Chanel, and you can read all about it in here. The more I wear it the more I like it. It’s a strong smell but it brings me a certain level of confidence, I don’t know… Plus, I really like the bottle – it’s glamourous, sleek, tasteful and powerful. So why not get it in the bag version? I loved the idea!

There’s also the clear option – as in Coco Mademoiselle and Chanel No. 5, for instance. It’s gorgeous too, especially since I have a week spot for translucent bags…

tumblr_mztfwcMxd61qgngcgo2_1280Look at them together and tell me they’re not fabulous?? Money, why don’t you grow on trees!!!…


Having good taste being short on funds can be quite frustrating… But oh, well, there are worst things in the world.
Have a nice weekend, people! ;)

All images via Pinterest (I think… I’ve had them saved in my laptop for awhile, I can’t remember for sure).



// From left to right, top to bottom: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Luanda might be the capital of Angola, but it can be a very dull place to live. Especially if you don’t have a shitload of money to expend everyday (if you do there are plenty of good restaurants to dine at and clubs to discover, as well as boutiques where the plainest pair of shoes rips 200 USD right out your wallet). There isn’t much going on and you have those ‘little’ issues I rarely considered when I was in Portugal, like the lack of security and awful traffic. On the other hand we do live pretty much on the beach (and it seems to be Summer all year long) and there’s plenty of nightlife to enjoy, so yeah there isn’t much available (ohhh, I need an Europe injection so badly…). Anyway, those being basically the options, I find myself short in attire to deal with them. I find almost all my clothes too freakin’ warm to wear most times and I should’ve also brought more bikinis, because well, even though I am the tannest I’ve ever been (Jesus Christ, I was transparent!!), more bikini options would be great to avoid what I might say are unflattering bikini marks, especially on my, well, boobs (since I was never really able in my life to get a proper tan I was never faced with this ‘problem’…).

So I went to look for options and I found these I quite like at Loja dos Bikinis, a portuguese online shop specialized on the matter. I find all four very cute, but I can’t order all of them… Can I? Wouldn’t this break my ‘vow’ to no shopping in 2014 (why the hell did I promised such thing…?!)? Hummm…


There are probably very few women in the world who’d say no to a beautiful pair of shoes – remember Carrie (in here, and well, in here)? I am no exception, and as probably most of you girls, I also have way more pairs than I actually need. And yet it always seems like ‘that’ pair is the ‘one’ (just like men), either that identification comes from love or lust. Usually it never is (just like men) but we still hope and we fall (for them and sometimes because of them). But the thing is, the right pair of shoes does make in fact all the difference between a terrific or terrifying ensemble.

Luckily for our hearts – not so luckily for our bank accounts and overloaded closets – we tend to fall far more frequently for the right/wrong pair of shoes than we do for the prince-charming runner ups of our lives. My latest passions in the shoe department are these ZILIAN beauties: the perfect black suede stilletos, essential to any girl, and the red version, to spice up even the preppiest outfit; plus these two pairs of flats I desperatly need since all my sandals and ballerinas are asking for retirement - one with a cool rock’n’roll vibe, the other to slightly revive the tomboy in me.

PS: This quote is usually attributed to Marylin Monroe, but some say it’s actually Better Middler’s. Either one, she has a point. Why? Because the right pair of shoes (probably different from one to another) gives a girl a boost of aditional confidence (of course confidence per se doesn’t live in a pair of shoes…), and well, excuse me, but a girl that exudes confidence can conquer anyone.

Last week I decided to start exercising again. I managed to run about 15 minutes – YAY!! – something (I am sorry y’all my fit and athletic peers) I considered a great victory after 3 / 4 months beyond sedentary (and smoking like a stupid chimney). For a moment there I thought I would colapse and throw myself at the bay to put me out of my misery, but I survived. And since I survived I now want more – you know, those freakin’ endorphins can get one quite hooked! So, besides playing 3rd wheel for said runs along with one of my work mates and her prince, I also signed up for kizomba and semba classes. These were supposed to start yesterday, but the power on the building was off and the generator wasn’t working or something – something veeery usual here… – so, after climbing 11 floors of stairs (there was no elevator), I realized all my enthusiasm and effort was worthless (I confess the though of throwing myself down the godamn terrace crossed my mind)… But well, let’s hope things work better on wednesday.

Anyway, the point is, I am now focused again on gymwear. Andy from Style Scrapbook always show of some nice coordinates (and tutorials… I really have to work on my abs), but then I stumbled upon OYSHO’s new gymwear lookbook, and I mean… c’mon! These guys really know how to get a girl craving stuff to look heinous in (although my boyfriend – yes, I found one of those in the meantime, but more on that later – says that men appreciate women’s natural beauty – even if sweaty, smelly and disheveled – much more than the diva look… I kinda find this hard to believe but let him be cute anyway).

So yeah, since I am already having second thoughts on my no shopping policy for 2014 (Good Lord, I am so tired of all the freakin’ stuff 50 kg allowed me to bring!…), as Freddie Mercury so well sang “I want it all, and I want it now”.


Awww, those sheer panels and prints… More here.

66b221a70f5b3283ff18b2f50f1a4dd4Ph. via 5 inch and up.

I am not a big big fan of pearls. I mean, I like their concept of elegance and all, but I can’t wear them and still feel like ‘me’. I’d love to be able to sport a pearl necklace like Holly Golightly, believe me, and even though I actually used to play with my mother’s version when I was a kid, somehow today pearls don’t really dazzle me to conversion. Pearl earrings included. I have plenty – bigger, smaller, plain, with a hint of gold or even a pair with a little strass bow that I find very cute – but don’t ever use any (actually I am now in a phase that it feels like the smaller the better, probably because of Yara).

Yet, these DIOR earrings just stole my heart. Sandra displays them here in her own flawless and marvelous way (as always) and even though I’ve already seen then in Hanneli and Garance in a colored version before, these natural colored stole me up a sigh. Of course Sandra’s hair (and overall styling) kinda make them pop out way better, but despite all that, I am definetly adding these to my wishlist.



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