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Luanda might be the capital of Angola, but it can be a very dull place to live. Especially if you don’t have a shitload of money to expend everyday (if you do there are plenty of good restaurants to dine at and clubs to discover, as well as boutiques where the plainest pair of shoes rips 200 USD right out your wallet). There isn’t much going on and you have those ‘little’ issues I rarely considered when I was in Portugal, like the lack of security and awful traffic. On the other hand we do live pretty much on the beach (and it seems to be Summer all year long) and there’s plenty of nightlife to enjoy, so yeah there isn’t much available (ohhh, I need an Europe injection so badly…). Anyway, those being basically the options, I find myself short in attire to deal with them. I find almost all my clothes too freakin’ warm to wear most times and I should’ve also brought more bikinis, because well, even though I am the tannest I’ve ever been (Jesus Christ, I was transparent!!), more bikini options would be great to avoid what I might say are unflattering bikini marks, especially on my, well, boobs (since I was never really able in my life to get a proper tan I was never faced with this ‘problem’…).

So I went to look for options and I found these I quite like at Loja dos Bikinis, a portuguese online shop specialized on the matter. I find all four very cute, but I can’t order all of them… Can I? Wouldn’t this break my ‘vow’ to no shopping in 2014 (why the hell did I promised such thing…?!)? Hummm…


There are probably very few women in the world who’d say no to a beautiful pair of shoes – remember Carrie (in here, and well, in here)? I am no exception, and as probably most of you girls, I also have way more pairs than I actually need. And yet it always seems like ‘that’ pair is the ‘one’ (just like men), either that identification comes from love or lust. Usually it never is (just like men) but we still hope and we fall (for them and sometimes because of them). But the thing is, the right pair of shoes does make in fact all the difference between a terrific or terrifying ensemble.

Luckily for our hearts – not so luckily for our bank accounts and overloaded closets – we tend to fall far more frequently for the right/wrong pair of shoes than we do for the prince-charming runner ups of our lives. My latest passions in the shoe department are these ZILIAN beauties: the perfect black suede stilletos, essential to any girl, and the red version, to spice up even the preppiest outfit; plus these two pairs of flats I desperatly need since all my sandals and ballerinas are asking for retirement - one with a cool rock’n’roll vibe, the other to slightly revive the tomboy in me.

PS: This quote is usually attributed to Marylin Monroe, but some say it’s actually Better Middler’s. Either one, she has a point. Why? Because the right pair of shoes (probably different from one to another) gives a girl a boost of aditional confidence (of course confidence per se doesn’t live in a pair of shoes…), and well, excuse me, but a girl that exudes confidence can conquer anyone.

Last week I decided to start exercising again. I managed to run about 15 minutes – YAY!! – something (I am sorry y’all my fit and athletic peers) I considered a great victory after 3 / 4 months beyond sedentary (and smoking like a stupid chimney). For a moment there I thought I would colapse and throw myself at the bay to put me out of my misery, but I survived. And since I survived I now want more – you know, those freakin’ endorphins can get one quite hooked! So, besides playing 3rd wheel for said runs along with one of my work mates and her prince, I also signed up for kizomba and semba classes. These were supposed to start yesterday, but the power on the building was off and the generator wasn’t working or something – something veeery usual here… – so, after climbing 11 floors of stairs (there was no elevator), I realized all my enthusiasm and effort was worthless (I confess the though of throwing myself down the godamn terrace crossed my mind)… But well, let’s hope things work better on wednesday.

Anyway, the point is, I am now focused again on gymwear. Andy from Style Scrapbook always show of some nice coordinates (and tutorials… I really have to work on my abs), but then I stumbled upon OYSHO’s new gymwear lookbook, and I mean… c’mon! These guys really know how to get a girl craving stuff to look heinous in (although my boyfriend – yes, I found one of those in the meantime, but more on that later – says that men appreciate women’s natural beauty – even if sweaty, smelly and disheveled – much more than the diva look… I kinda find this hard to believe but let him be cute anyway).

So yeah, since I am already having second thoughts on my no shopping policy for 2014 (Good Lord, I am so tired of all the freakin’ stuff 50 kg allowed me to bring!…), as Freddie Mercury so well sang “I want it all, and I want it now”.


Awww, those sheer panels and prints… More here.

66b221a70f5b3283ff18b2f50f1a4dd4Ph. via 5 inch and up.

I am not a big big fan of pearls. I mean, I like their concept of elegance and all, but I can’t wear them and still feel like ‘me’. I’d love to be able to sport a pearl necklace like Holly Golightly, believe me, and even though I actually used to play with my mother’s version when I was a kid, somehow today pearls don’t really dazzle me to conversion. Pearl earrings included. I have plenty – bigger, smaller, plain, with a hint of gold or even a pair with a little strass bow that I find very cute – but don’t ever use any (actually I am now in a phase that it feels like the smaller the better, probably because of Yara).

Yet, these DIOR earrings just stole my heart. Sandra displays them here in her own flawless and marvelous way (as always) and even though I’ve already seen then in Hanneli and Garance in a colored version before, these natural colored stole me up a sigh. Of course Sandra’s hair (and overall styling) kinda make them pop out way better, but despite all that, I am definetly adding these to my wishlist.


adidas-stan-smith_zpsefa86b04Ph. via Google.

First of all, I am sorry for my absence these past weeks. I have a bunch of posts half written but I haven’t manage to finish and post them yet. This is just one of them…

According to HB, the iconic 1973 Stan Smith (named after the tennis player) by ADIDAS made a big come back early this month – like officially, in stores, after a while gracing the internet on the feet of the street style starts (as you can see in the gallery at the end of this post).

img_6431Ph. via Up There.

And now, am I so easily influenced that I want a pair? Yes, I am. Why? Because it’s been awhile since we parted. The good thing about classics is that they are timeless, therefore always in style. 

I am a big fan of comfort. As much as I find a pair of 12 cm Louboutins gorgeous (like these or these), on a daily basis I’d rather be comfortable than head over heels sexy – that’s not me and comfort is something Christian Louboutin doesn’t really stand for. This way, naturally, I’ve always been a proud user of sneakers. Yet, I was never one to go very crazy over designs and styles, colors or any other stand outs – sometimes people worry so much about being original they verge on the ridiculous – hence my go-to choices were usually my beloved Converse All Star, and (yes, you guessed) Adidas Stan Smith. So yeah, I’m pretty happy to have them back.

Read more about it here (in Spanish).

For inspiration, feel free to droll over these like I did:

All images via Google.

she_catalogo_01_2014_16she_catalogo_01_2014_8 she_catalogo_01_2014_10 she_catalogo_01_2014_11 she_catalogo_01_2014_15 she_catalogo_01_2014_c126Ph. via MANGO.

Daria Werbowy is looking stunning (as always) in MANGO’s new SS14 campaign.
Photographed by Josh Olins in Lanzarote – Oh, I miss Lanzarote…*sigh* – (Canary Islands), the easy & casual classics gain even a bit more sparkle, sported by the top goddess.
Miranda Kerr, her predecessor, might be a f#$%ing bombshell and obscenely gorgeous, but, if you ask me, Daria makes a lot more sense as the brand’s new face. She’s everything a woman should be with the proper balance, with a strong personality and an impeccable sense of style.
[Yeap, major girl crush here...]

Anyway, the styling, by Alastair McKimm, is flawless, and I’m definitely adding a few garments to my personal wishlist, cause this campaign is so my style I would dare say this is God tempting me to fall of the rails in my no-shopping resolution. So, to keep up with that, my better option will probably be to start making some lists and distribute them along my friends and family… My birthday is not that far down the road anyway! ;)

Check the entire campaign here.
And meanwhile, watch the Making Of video of the shoot. Looks pretty good too.

I am still very keen on my ‘no shopping’ resolution for 2014. Of course it helps being away from malls, quick deliveries, my credit card, etc etc. Also, in a very wise and clear moment of self awareness, I decided to unsubscribe to the gazillion newsletters from all the online shops I could recall, because temptation knocking at your door every day can be quite disturbing, and as humans we usually end up failing to resist. However, every now then, via Facebook, a thing or two comes up to haunt me and dazzle me at the same time… Most recent case? H&M’s Spring 2014 Lookbook

hey_there_temptationPh. via Vogue PT.

Damn you, H&M! Those first 3 looks… No – that second look is so f#$%in’ perfect I’m drooling all over it (a mix of slobber and tears, probably)! Anyway, for you all lucky birds who can allow yourselves to get your hands on these, I have the pleasure to inform you they’ll be available in stores on March 6th.

You can see the entire lookbook here.


BiodermaToTheRescueEver since I arrived in Angola, I realized my skin doesn’t like it much here. After a major skin infection and a dramatic revival of my long gone teenager acne, I jumped to the quick conclusion that I had to change my skincare routine quickly. So, much like I had to adapt for the cold winter of Vila Real, I had to figure out a way to deal with the heat of Luanda. However ‘quickly’ is concept rather different from what I was used to in Europe. Here quickly takes a lot more steps and a lot more time. Therefor, I figured my allies but I still have to wait for their arrival.

Anyway… Why BIODERMA? Well, I got in touch with the brand via my bff. When she was faced with some weird rosettes in her face, she was prescribed their specific lotion for this issue and she said wonders about it. Then I got hooked on Lisa Eldrige videos and got myself the Sensibio H2O micelle solution that is just the best thing ever to clean up your face, especially if you wear make-up. So, as I said before, I am a faithful customer of things that work, so, happy with my previous experience, it was a no brainer to pick my troops. And they are:

1. BIODERMA Sébium H20 – It’s the same of the Sensibio, but, this time, for oily skin.
2. BIODERMA Sébium Pore Refiner – Works pretty much like a serum, before the moisturizer, to improve skin texture and overall appearance of those dilated pores oily skin usually brings.
3. BIODERMA Sébium Hydra – My hydration choice before going to bed. Our face needs better hydration at night to help it recover from daily aggression and restore it’s balance. I used to wear this Calendula cream when in Portugal, to run against the dry and hyper sensitive skin. Here, it doesn’t make sense, because it is too heavy and makes my skin even oilier. So this BIODERMA one looks like a good choice. It’s also appropriate for sensitive skin, and gentleness is always a plus.
4. BIODERMA Sébium Mat – To kick off the day, I prefer something that allows me hydration with no shine. Dewy is one thing, shiny is another, and I’d rather leave that shine to sartorial choices like sequins and metals.

That’s it. And now I am (im) patiently waiting for them to come and rescue me.
This princess needs help.

December2013_Wishlist-01[Top to bottom, left to right:]

STORETS Shaggy Faux Fur Black Vest // 65€ - I’ve been looking for a black faux fur vest for a looong time, but since – it might not look as such but – I am a very picky person, I was never near finding the ideal one – with that certain length, texture and fit (and above all, under my budget). And then - ta-dam! – I finally found this one, that I believe is just perfect.

REVLON Colorstay Foundation // 20€ – This foundation was recommended to me by my friend Mafalda, who happens to be a Make-Up artist and my official advisor in these matters. She always has her skin looking so flawless, yet you can barely notice she’s wearing foundation! I was intrigued… Being a doll as she always is, she brought me a little pot for me to try that marvel maker she told me about. And actually words don’t do it justice. I was sold on the first try: it feels very comfortable on the skin, but it has amazing coverage and you don’t need much product to get great results. It’s also long-lasting and has SPF 20. Plus – wait for the cherry on top of the cake – it costs less than 20€! Oh yeah!

ZARA TRF Patent Burgundy Pumps // 20€ - There’s an overall obsession over burgundy for Fall and Winter around the Fashion World for a few seasons now, and – guilty as charged – I am no exception. Every time I pay a visit to ZARA online heaven I stumble on these… Some might say it’s destiny bringing us together… And I say: aren’t we supposed to listen to that stuff? :P

DERMALOGICA Skin Resurfacing Cleanser // 46€ & DERMALOGICA Gentle Cream Exfoliant // 49€ - Ever since I heard Lisa Eldridge talk about booth of these awhile back (jump to min. 4:28 for the first and min. 6:49 for the second) I’ve been anxious for my current products to hit the bottom so I can replace them with these and start my love affair with the apparently great Lactic Acid. If they manage to achieve all that she says, who knows, maybe, I’ll even become the marrying kind… ;)

“The Prisioner of Heaven”, Carlos Ruiz Zafón // 9€ – Zafón’s books make me feel bipolar, really. I can weep like a baby and laugh like a mad cow in the course of very few pages. I get deeply involved in his words and I just can’t-stop-reading. The Shadow of the Wind quickly found a spot alongside my favorites, and The Angels Game didn’t took my breath away per se, but close. It did take a bunch of sleeping hours, though. But who cares?! The books are so good, you can really reduce sleeping to a minimum until you’re finished. It’s absolutely worth it. Now The Prisioner of Heaven is Zafón’s most recent novel, closing the trilogy. So expect more mystery and intrigue filling the streets of that old Barcelona, and take your chance to say goodbye to the magic Cemetery of Forgotten Books and the warmth of the Sempere & Son Bookshop.


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