It has a life of its own

Lately my hair has been a mess. But not even messy in a good way. No matter how I twist, turn, push, pull, spray, straighten, curl,… (and so on) it’s hopeless. I can’t do anything with it. And that’s actually my fault (beside its own character) because, you see, I like too save in what I think I can save, and so, when I last went to cut my hair, i went for the basics – straight with thick bangs and no layers. To make it grow healthy (of course now it isn’t anymore because apparently I can’t commit to that rule of cutting it once a month). Well, bangs happen to grow fast (damn it!) and pay for a whole haircut when you just want to cut the tips seems a little unfair to me (more like robbery). Why not do it myself? The answer came after 2 or 3 times, when, well, the damn scissors went to far… And until that, it was like there was a fountain of hair growing in front of my eyes (yes, just in front of my eyes, because as for the length it looks pretty much the same to me! stupid hair…). And now that I want it to grow fast so I can make something about the mess I made IT JUST DOESN’T!!! It’s something to get desperate about, really, no matter what whoever says.

Anyway, I can’t have it, but I can dream about it.

Here’s some hairstyles that have been inspiring me (and see! I like them messy – except for the straight and sleek ponytail, for me there is no other way to make it look better – but good messy…). Perhaps they can inspire you too.

(Images via Fashionbook)

Have a nice weekend everyone!


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