Redheaded Beauty

Good morning my dears!😀
I’ve been thinking about doing something to my hair (that eternal question – should I go trim my bangs or let them grow?) for several months now… – I told you about it here and here. But, with honesty, I hate to go the hairdresser because I always regret it. They either don’t understand what I tell them or my expectation are always too high. Anyway – cut to the point! – while most of the people have a things for blond hair, I am way more into those ginger colored heads. So perhaps, by the end of the summer, when it is mandatory to go to the salon to cut off the sun & salt dried hair, I’ll try this on me. Perhaps… We’ll see. I still have to figure out if it does suit me or not. Here’s some pictures, though, to inspire you!🙂 See you later babes! Muack*

Ph: 1- don’t remember…:/ probably via weheartit; 2- maxima magazine (a very old issue I had at home); 3+4- Tamara Lichenstein (her photographs are so gorgeous!)


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