I’ve been trying to decide for some time now how I feel about this new (not so new because it has been around for some time now) flat shoes trend: the slippers/loafers (whatever you prefer to call them). And the truth is that I’m not yet sure. When I first noticed them for good (in Blair, as she wears here), I started to wonder… However, before and after this picture, there were a lot of non-appropriate-for-street-walking examples that passed by my sight (like the ones Chiara wears here and here, and though she makes anything work, in the first case I’m half convinced – I loved that look – but in the second I’m not convinced at all – perhaps it’s prejudice, I don’t know, but for me, bedroom slippers should be worn as such: bedroom slippers). Anyway, this week, though, I found the ones bellow, very similar to Blair’s, at Pull&Bear, and I’m having second thoughts… They are flat (I love heels but basically to look at them only, because when it come to actually wear, I am always pro flats), in calf hair and leopard print. So gorgeous!

To buy or not to buy? That is the eternal question.

I guess there’s a few trends I’m a little resistent to…

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