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Ph. InΓͺs Marques

So, this is what I was wearing at my friend’s wedding a few weeks ago.
I thought I lost the pictures for good, though, because I lost my phone (yes, another; yes, again) and all that was on it, but apparently the guy who found it is either really sweet or really stupid (believe it or not I’m having mixed feelings! lol), because all the pictures I had (amongst a lot of new ones…) suddendly started dropping into my dropbox folder, out of the blue! Well, another funny story…

Outfit credits: ZARA dress (FW08/09) and shoes (SS12), PRIMARK jacket (SS11), ACCESSORIZE embroidered clutch (SS11), MANGO hearings (FW11/12), H&M cuff (FW11/12) and BIJOU BRIGITTE amethyst ring (old).

(I ended up never taking off the jacket because the day was gloomy and kinda cold, but the dress is strapless with an empire line. I bought it on sale at Zara, a few years ago, but although I love it, I actually never wear it… As for the hair, just for the record, I don’t like hairdressers in general, so I refuse to pay for anything that won’t please me at all. And to be fair I never like to look too put together…)

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