INSPIRE | Smokin’ Sessions

Smoking is a nasty nasty habit. Everyone who has it should drop it. After all, you put the pros and cons in a scale, and it’s life that you’re playing with… (but then again, is life that enjoyable if you play everything by the rules?!) Anyway, no lectures today…

Now, visually (yes, because, if you ask me, and I do smoke – not much, but I do, when it comes to smell and taste, I think there are far better things to experience in the world!), smoking is something I find extremely sexy. Maybe sexy is not the word I’m even looking for… – appealing – that’s more like it. I find the act of smoking, exhaling, slightly closing the eyes and those little seconds of evasion and emptiness oddly catchy. I blame it on the french and on the movies, who made it look so cool and created a whole smoking imagery in my head. Perhaps it is that ‘I don’t fucking care‘ feeling, or the rebel note, or the chic/glamour of old hollywood and french girls… I don’t know what it is. I just know that every time I go out and I see someone light up a cigarette I find myself wondering what’s hidden behind that smoke…

Have a good sunday!

All images via Pinterest [more in here].

Note to self: Stop smoking (for good).

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