INSPIRE | Dreams in Color

– Pink –

– Blue –

– Purple –

– Brown –

– Orange –

– Red –

– Black –

– White –

– Green –

Sometimes I have stupid thoughts (I have them quite often, actually). Like ‘What if I was colorblind?’ (I’d probably be very very unhappy), ‘Why don’t I remember any color on my dreams?’ (I said it was stupid…) Do we dream in Black & White?

I actually don’t remember the last dream I had while sleeping… There was a time in my life where I had so many nightmares on a daily basis that I think I might have drained out my sleeping musings for life (better this way, anyway…). Now, colorful, sparkly and intense daydreaming? That’s reoccurring… But let’s leave that to the future.🙂

[All images via Pinterest]

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