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All pictures via Pinterest (more inspiration in here).

Unlike piercings, I’ve always had a special fascination for tattoos. Not all tattoos, though, not exactly Kat Von D style tattoos, but more of those little details or scribbles peeking here and there like footnotes or something. And lately this idea of getting the 1st one (I want at least 3) as been popping in my head quite frequently, so I’ve been looking for some inspiration… After all it is not exactly a decision to take at ease. Once it’s there, it’s there and you can’t erase it, so you better think very well about where you to put the ink and telling what.

These are a few of my favorites when it comes to shapes, sizes and places, but I haven’t decided yet where to start and what to do. I’ll probably start on the wrists and then we’ll see…
Now what to put there, that’s a mystery. I’m particularly driven to Gisele’s tattoo (wich was exactly what I wanted to do for quite a long time, only ‘a petit peu’ smaller), but I also love the one with the dandelion (I’d stick only with the little seed on the side) and everyday I find a new cute one. I’d also like to get something written on the other wrist, but I’m still working on my words…

Any suggestions? They are all welcome!🙂

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