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Last wednesday I read about this new TV show, from HBO called GIRLS. It was briefly described as being kind of a younger version of Sex and the City. Well, since I’m a big fan of SATC I was intrigued…

I finished this afternoon. The first season has 10 episodes, 30 minutes each. It’s a comedy in it’s essence, and I’m actually looking forward to the next season (hope there’s one…). The first episodes aren’t that special, but as you get to know the characters it really grows on you.

The show revolves around the experiences of 4 very different young ladies, in their 20’s, trying to make a living in New York, struggling with the trivial problems of the girls of our times…
The main character is Hannah – a chubby girl with a striking sense of humor, who’s trying to become a writer and lives with her best friend, Marnie, struggles to find/keep a (paying) job since her parents decided to stop giving her money, and has a weird fuck-buddy, Adam, she’s not sure she wants to turn into something more or not…
Then, there’s Marnie – a gorgeous girl, independent, put together, smart but also very serious, uptight and sometimes a real pain in the ass. She’s Hannah’s best friend and has been in a relationship with Charlie, her boyfriend, for 4 years, although she’s not in love with him anymore.
Next is Jessa – the bohemian girl, beautiful (“Where did you find her? She has the face of Brigitte Bardot and the ass of Rihanna!” – a guy once says…), british, kind of crazy, world traveler and party animal. She comes to NY after being long gone, to live with her younger cousin, Shoshana, work as a babysitter, and shake things up for her fellows. She’s very good friends with Hannah, but Marnie doesn’t really like her that much…
And finally there’s Shoshana – the youngest, she’s still a virgin, something that she’s really ashamed and worried about. She’s also quite funny but in an unintentional way since she has like a stock of never ending energy. She also has this fascination for her cousin, Jessa, who’s now living with her.
This is the gang around whom the story revolves around. The issues are also simple and well know – aspirations vs real jobs, bills & rent, long term relationships vs flings, abortions and STD’s, parties, addictions, parents, ex-boyfriends, commitments, insecurities, bla bla bla… That stuff we all know more or less. As you can imagine, it’s easy to relate.
And it’s actually a very good show. It doesn’t have the glamour of SATC (but if we think well, how the hell could Carrie afford all those shoes?! It didn’t make any sense…) and it could be very cheesy and go very wrong, but it doesn’t, because it’s very well written, directed and performed (the merit goes essentially to Lena Dunham who plays Hannah and is the Writer and Director of the show. But everyone plays his/her part quite well). [My favorite is Jessa🙂 – that girl is batshit crazy (well, kinda… ;)), but so so so cool…]
But it’s a show for girls. I highly doubt boys would enjoy it  – unless you’re making research to try to understand 20 something girls minds… if that’s your case, well I find this quite accurate in a general way, wich actually scares me a little as I realized we women tend to be a little crazy, though I don’t really get why. Especially why we always seem to like to be the victims, to allow ourselves that, or even put ourselves in that position… And why the fuck do we think so much about every fucking thing? I mean, EVERY fucking detail!? And we talk, talk, talk… Pff! Being a woman can be really exhausting, I kid you not. Of course that, on top of that we still manage to be amazing creatures, but I’m beginning to understand men, more and more, when they complain women are very complicated. We are, indeed.
Have a nice week, people!🙂

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