OUTFIT | Nude & Check

Ph. Joanna Lynn

// Pull & Bear shirt, Zara top, Blanco pants (I changed the buttons), Mango heels, Parfois watch and ring, and DIY necklace worn as a bracelet.

Last sunday’s outfit. I’ve been meaning to post it sooner but these past days were pretty chaotic. Yesterday, I even started to type something, but in adition to the lack of sense in every sentence, I actually fell asleep with the laptop on my lap. Sad, just plain sad…

Anyway… About the outfit – You know those pieces you never wear but only when you have absolutely nothing else to put on? Well, these pants live in that category… But since I usually don’t take much with me when I go home (to my parents’) for the weekend (I always think – why bother? You have so many clothes, why not use them, even if it’s just once a month!?), sometimes I find myself having an hard time picking what to wear. And so, pieces like these pants suddenly look appealing. And so does the shirt, stolen from my sister’s closet.

The sandals were one my first purchases this sale season. They looked pretty perfect for something to wear with a lot of stuff and for a very long time. I must confess, though, that they are not exactly the most confortable shoes on earth… But I believe that is only due to the fact that they are new; once they’ll get used to my feet I’ll be good to go!🙂

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