INSPIRE | Pink, it’s the color of passion

Pink it’s my new obsession / Pink it’s not even a question / Pink on the lips of your lover, ’cause / Pink is the love you discover / (…) / Pink it’s the color of passion / ‘Cause today it just goes with the fashion

“Pink” – Aerosmith

I’m not sure when exactly did this pink hair fever begun. I think it was with Charlotte Free in a TOPSHOP make-up lookbook – this one is one of my favorites. Of course, before her there was Pink and Avril Lavigne already showing it off, and there’s always Natalie Portman’s wig on Closer (btw, I liked this poster), but it was different. I think it was Miss Free who started the boom (I love her in here for FOREVER 21). She made it cool.

And now it’s everywhere. And I dig it, I really do. You’d never see me on it, tough (this maybe, pink never), but I like it. It’s rebellious yet sweet. I don’t know. There’s something mysterious and intriguing about a girl with pink hair…

All images via Pinterest (I have a board just for hairstyles inspiration, feel free to check it! :)).


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