TRY | Fabrics, Pretty Fabrics!

There are a few things I am really good at. One of them is making plans… But coming to terms with them unfortunately does not fall in the same category.

Last week I decided to go shop for fabrics to make this dress (actually it is a peplum top and a pencil skirt, but it looks like a dress). However, there, I kinda lost track of time and of what I was really looking for among all the endless possibilities. It’s that situation in wich I feel like a kid in a sweets shop…

Anyway, turns out I decided that as much confused as I was, I wouldn’t leave the place empty handed, I need a project, and so that pink cutie popped as I was leaving. I can already imagine the cutest pouffy full skirt in this messy polka dot pink punch.😀 Now the question is: WHEN? Humm…
I also loved the dark green fabric who looked at me at the cash. The shade, the texture and the touch are very elegant. I imagine it in a short (not too short, of course) high waisted, fitted skirt with a lovely peplum, that small detail great to dissimulate a stubborn tummy! Ahahah!

The problem is I am not very queen on pattern making, but something will surely come along. And to be fair, for less than 25€ I bought enough fabric to make not 2, but probably 6 skirts! I have a big margin of error… Ahaha. And you’ll never now you can unless you try!😀

Stay tunned!

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