WATCH | Ruby Sparks

It’s been a while since I talked about movies here. Truth be told, it had been a while since I actually went to see a movie, until a few weeks back for the new Batman, and then again this Saturday. It had also been I while since the last time I went to the movies on my own. Among other things that used to be something I enjoyed tremendously on my ‘me’ time, and I’m now recovering, though I could spare the “One ticket only?” stare from the guy behind the counter, but that’s an whole other story and there’s a fair chance it is only my paranoia…

I went for Ruby Sparks.
I heard about it a few weeks ago, but I didn’t saved the date of its premiere. Yesterday, though, I was reading about Oliver Stone’s Savages (starring Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively in a not-so-pretty role) and decided to see when it would come out. Then I bumped into Ruby Sparks, watched the trailer and got seduced right away.

Being from the creators of Little Miss Sunshine and talking about an over imaginative writer with a platonic passion for a redheaded blue-eyed weird girl he has actually created in his mind and turns out to be real, seemed reason enough to check it. And so I went for it. Zoe Kazan is adorable as Ruby (she is actually the writer of the movie), and Paul Dano is good, playing the prodigy young writer, the insecure, mind-fucked, friendless “genius” that guides us trough the lovely story.

[I wonder if all writers have fucked up minds… But then again, I guess they kinda have to in order to bring something beyond ordinary to other people’s mundane lives.]

It’s a good movie. It’s cute. It’s tender. It’s funny and dramatic at the same time. And it makes you wonder about those silly wishes we make sometimes… My conclusion? Be careful with what you wish for. Most of the times , what you treasure in your dreams isn’t has fascinating in reality.

Watch the trailer here.

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