INSPIRE | White Lies

Apparently, Fall is officialy upon us. As the temperatures drop, the number of layers over me raise. Which means it’s time to pack the summer dresses, the bikinis, the straw hats, the flip-flops, and bring out the heavy stuff – not that is a bothering feeling because, to be fair, fall and winter are way more interestingΒ sartoriallyΒ speaking.

There’s a pattern on my wardrobe. While there a lot of white in my Spring/Summer clothes, the palette darkens dramatically as we reach the ‘staying inside’ seasons.

So it’s time to say goodbye the flowy, sheer, embroidered and lacy white stuff.
I’ve never thought about it, but now it comes to my mind that Spring and Summer are way more romantic than Fall and Winter. Even when it comes to apparel (especially when it comes to apparel).

All images via Pinterest.

Now, bring it on Fall. I’m getting ready for you.
[Spending an whole afternoon in my PJ’s watching movies – check! πŸ™‚ Now let’s go for a drink to avoid the useless hermit feeling…]


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