OUTFIT | Wanderer

As time goes by I discover that I’m more and more in love with Lisbon. The light, the corners, the textures, the colors, the flavors, … and yet there’s so much more to discover. Every time this thought crosses my mind, it dawns on me how hard it will be to leave it all behind when the time comes. But then again, Portugal is a country that grows on your heart, despite bad politics and general lack of future perspectives. Unless you don’t know it, it’s impossible not to miss it.

Anyway… In general, I like to stroll around the city on my own, and truth be told, as long as there are books to read and esplanades, belvederes, garden benches, good weather and time to spend I’m good that way.Β Other times, though,Β this discovery is happily made in good company, for a change and it makes you miss the angels you carry in your heart…

Thanks dear for the company (and the pictures :P)πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoyed your stay!Β :D

Ph. Joana Viegas

// Zara top, H&M pants, belt, bag and pendant, Converse sneakers, Parfois watch and bracelet, Ray Ban sunnies and Bijou Brigitte amethyst ring.Β 


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