RANDOM | Leggings are NOT Pants!

Image via We Heart It.

Really. So, please, stop using them as such.

Yesterday morning, on my way to work, as I cross the street on my way to the metro, a girl cuts in front of me, and I get one of the worst visions one can have at 9 a.m. This girl, in her “I don’t know if I am a gothic or a punk” style, decided to leave the house wearing a black – short – t-shirt over a pair of black quite see-through leggings on the back. Wich means I, and anyone who crossed her way, had the little pleasure of getting a very unnecessary insight of her little but not sexy at all underwear. I wasn’t ready for that at 9 a.m. I’d never be actually (but I’m sure she thought she looked fabulous – she was even wearing lipstick!).

Com’on ladies, let’s get something straight: leggings are basically feet-less tights. You wouldn’t wear tights without something covering what needs to be covered, would you?… Well, if you would, you shouldn’t.

Anyway, now, however, people got quite into them, the range spread, the options expended and now they come in a lot of fabrics, prints, with endless details, to make them look either more like pants (I find this stupid, I have to confess – if you want to look like you’re wearing pants wear pants) or cooler. And there’s actually a lot of new names – jeggings, treggings, … whatever. At some time it’s hard to keep up. The thing is, if the fabric isn’t thick enough, please wear something over that at least covers your ass. I’m sure this will make you look cutter. Nobody needs to see how worn out they are, or what underwear you’re wearing underneath. Bend over to the mirror if in doubt (really…), but please, for your own good and others’, do not leave the house looking like the girl I saw yesterday. Please. Thanks.

Oh, and another thing: nobody, NO ONE really, looks good in nude leggings. And it’s just stupid and unflattering – com’on, what do you want to look like? Like you’re bare-legged but still comfy and warm? Really?! Please don’t do that to yourself. And the same goes for white leggings. Heinous.

Yours truly,

  1. helena said:

    EXACTLY MY THOUGHTS. You only can wear leggings when you’re wearing something over it which covers your ass, so I totalllllllly agree with you.

  2. rosariok said:

    I disagree, I think leggings worn as pants is fine. But footless tights worn as pants would be going too far.

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