INSPIRE | I’m surely going to miss you

Blake Lively as Serena Van Der Woodsen in a gorgeous Jenny Packham dress that almost made me droll in front of the computer! [ Kidding.😛 ]

GG as reached its final season. In a few months we’ll be saying good bye to Serena, Blair, Chuck, Nate, Dan and any other more or less rich crazy kid. Gossip Girl was that show that easily bored me, because the problems are AL-WAYS the same!, but I never stopped watching it. I mean, they grow up, they update every character’s fancy wardrobe, they try to give them jobs or occupations – wathever – but, the core is unalterable. Serena does not know what she wants, Blair is a bitch who loves Chuck who’s a bad boy with daddy issues loving her back. Dan is the wannabe who likes to play out of his league and Nate, well, I think Nate is just a good pretty face to stick around and give a hand here and there… Anyway, to me it’s exactly what I need when I’ve seen all my other favorites or I need beauty refill. It’s a bit like an high-end soap opera.😛 But I like it. And I’ll miss it, especially because of my favorite part – the wardrobe. Every episode is a shot of eye candy to droll over non-stop. And the girls surely make the clothes sell! I mean, how divine does Serena look here? (Blake Lively actually looks divine in pretty much anything, God bless her!) Gorgeous… Yeah, I’m gonna miss this.

Enjoy the last season!
GG, see you next wednesday!🙂

Image via MTV.

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