ICON | Hey, Sexy Lady

Hey hey ladies and gentleman!🙂
Today, because it’s Saturday and Saturday is my favorite day of the week (and this week was oh-so-awful!), we have a special… Probably more for guys than girls, but I’m pretty sure any gal likes to admire a beautiful woman, too. That being said, movin’ on…

The other day, at lunch, I was talking with my work mates about going the new Woody Allen’s movie, To Rome With Love, wich stars, among others, Penélope Cruz. Now, Penélope may or may not be a great actress – I like her – but it bugs me the sex symbol obsession some people grow for her as a woman. What is it with her? Is it the spanish blood, the accent, the eyeliner?? Yeah, spanish women in general have quite the sexy aura, but that does not make Penélope a goddess. She’s a beautiful woman, sure, but easy on the worshiping, please. But then, if I say this, people acuse me of being jealous. A statement quite unfair, because watching beautiful women is something that I do very often and with pleasure (and as I say this they call me lesbian… so it gets hard to keep up without sighing a few times… :P), but, if you’ve been following the blog, you’ve probably already noticed my appreciation (like in here, here or here, for instance).

This way, I decided to do a short list of my 10 favorite beauties, because, yes, in my opinion, God is a girl. Note: this is not a ranking, and I’m sure we won’t agree in a lot of things. To me a sexy girl is more than just a face and a body, although there are a lot of face+body examples who should never grow old just to be saved as Nature’s works of art! Ahahah… But that’s an whole other story!😛


Well, Miss Kunis comes first because I agree with Esquire, who has recently nominated her the sexiest woman alive. I’m not sure about the ‘the’ but this young lady sure deserves some recognition. I mean, in Black Swan, no one can blame Nina for her fantasies with Lily. Who wouldn’t fall for her?! [If you didn’t, you’re either bind or asexual, I’m sorry…]
I particularly love her over-expressive/intense eyes and her laugh/smile. And the fact that she’s funny. In my opinion, a guy who does not fancy a funny girl is just a bummer.
She’s also the new face of Dior. Oh, and she’s unofficially (still, I think?) dating the hunky hunk Ashton Kutcher. Don’t they do the turn heads couple…🙂


Rosie, Rosie… Jason Statham sure is a lucky man. This british beauty is the face (and body – and what a body!) of the Burberry Body fragrance and she’s one of the Victoria’Secret Angels. She has the face, the body, the lips, the eyes, the hair, the legs,… She’s quite something. And I’m oh so glad she replaced Megan Fox in the last Transformers movie. I mean, Megan’s parents did a wonderful job mixing up those genes, but she does not have Rosie’s elegance/poise/aura – whatever you want to call it. No way, baby.


Oh! La bella Italia(na)! At 47, and after 2 kids, Monica sure kicks a LOT of 20 and 30 something girls asses on hotness and sexyness. I don’t know with whom she made that pact with, but I hope she keeps it, because she sure is a force of Nature, a work of Art. Bella, bella, bella…


Far from her princess days, Anne Hathaway has turned herself into a smart, talented, strong and beautiful young woman. She’s one of my favorite actresses and I do hope she sticks around for a long long time. She’s beautiful – gotta love those enormous eyes, full lips, curvy body – and she has the charisma and personality a lot of pretty faces lack. God bless her!


I love Jennifer. There. I don’t care if she can’t really play much aside from her Rachel. I love her anyway – she’s pretty, sexy, funny, hot, cute. A powerful combo. I know Brad Pitt exchanged her for Angie, but truth be told, only Brad Pitt could dream of dealing with such a problem.


Angelina is Angelina. Gorgeous to the very core. Although, I must say, I think that, especially after she married Brad, I don’t know what he has done to her, but a little bit more flesh over those bones wouldn’t hurt…


Marion is the french-girl kind of sexy. La parfait parisienne. She has not only the poise, the style, the charisma, but also that timeless beauty and elegance that makes her so unique. And talent of course. Love her.


Emma is that gorgeous girl with big bright eyes, extreme cuteness, cracking humor and enormous talent. Quite the package – well, the girl I’d like to be!😛 She plays foxy as well as geeky and I can’t wait to see her in her upcoming movie (in such good company!). She’s amazing in every possible way.

Despite the breathtaking face and body, those mysterious, deep, intriguing eyes can surely do wonders convincing anyone of anything! Ahah! I also love her low, husky, puzzling voice…


Who doesn’t love Zooey? She’s a different kind of sexy. Those big blue eyes, the cute smile, the long dark hair, the hoarse voice, the nonsense, the style. She’s super cool and super cute and super fun. She’s that kind of sexy.


The list could go on and on, but maybe some other time. Anyway, I don’t think that, all this said, my unapreciation of Penélope’s features is a matter of jealousy. Actually, if I had to choose one of the Cruz sisters I’d go for Monica who’s looking hot hottie hot in the latest Agent Provocateur campaign. But perhaps that’s just me.

So, that’s it for now. Who would you pick?

PS: A gentlemen edition is coming, ladies! Ahaha😀 Stay tunned!🙂


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